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I help beauty and aesthetics business owners attract more clients through social media marketing and paid ads so that they can grow their clientele, and create sell-out promos.  It’s always been my passion to help simplify marketing and sales.

I've helped hundreds of students and clients create systems and implement strategies that drive profit and buy back their time. 

I studied marketing and advertising in university and I’ve had the pleasure of working with literally HUNDREDS of beauty bosses internationally to help create KILLER brands so that they can connect with their dream clients, create a big impact and ultimately, make more money!

I work with all kinds of beauty businesses, ranging from aestheticians, academies, hair stylists, lash experts, body contouring specialists, and laser clinics…and so many more! And I must admit, my job is pretty amazing!! I get to connect with so many BOSS business owners and watch their beauty businesses transform before their eyes - it is very rewarding! 

It’s a pleasure to be able to help beauty business owners just like you overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome in their marketing. I teach everything from Facebook and Instagram Ads to market research, content creation, creation of sell-out offers and promotions, video marketing, and SO much more!

After working with me, clients have hit 10k months consistently, £100k academy launches, gotten booked out up to 6 months in advance, raised their prices, quickly increased their sales and are using video like pros to grow their audience online!

It’s time to take action, do the work and watch your beauty business transform! 

Hi, I'm Nargis! 

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I'm the deep creative spiritual type, I absolutely love to laugh and travel.

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I'm blessed to be able to travel and work with my husband Julian and meet amazing people across the world.




I believe a there's higher power looking out for me and I'm huge on self improvement.

Spiritual Junkie



I've been blessed with two children , Marcus who's 21 and  Joshua 5. They're the reason behind everything I do.

My Why


— Cara rice, Business & mindset coach 

"I've had two brand production days in the last year with Nargis which were integral to my $70 K and $60 K mastermind launches!"


"Nargis managed to switch up my whole brand and my engagement so that I'm connecting with my dream client, and my funnel systems are all in place, in less than two months. 

— lindsay Huelse, carb cycling expert

"I grew my bottom line 300% after working with Nargis, landed a spread an issue of a nationally known magazine, and have opened the doors to several national partnerships.!"

— Amanda Abella, Finance blogger & business coach

"Since working with Nargis our opt-in rate has DOUBLED and our engagement on Instagram is also much higher. This has helped us get a flow of leads from our social platforms."

— Kirsty Carden, business coach

"My best highest converting images were shot by Nargis. Together with her team they create the best branding videos!"

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