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7 WAYS to Master Instagram Live Streams


First of all, you MUST be using video in your marketing, and one amazing way to include video is through Instagram LIVE!⁠

Not only can you use LIVE to stream what’s taking place in your life at that moment, but you can use it to engage with your audience in SO many ways!⁠

When you show up LIVE on Instagram you create hype around your brand, and people are curious so they want to tune in to see what you have to say!⁠

Here are a few things to consider when you are first introducing video in your marketing strategy:⁠

✔️Decide how many times per week or month that you will go live and stay consistent⁠

✔️Find a quiet place with lots of natural light for high-quality footage⁠

✔️Have somewhat of a plan in place or notes to keep you on track⁠

✔️Don’t wait too long for people to “hop on” – if you already have users tuning in, cater to them and don’t leave them waiting and encourage others to ask you questions in the comments using #replay

✔️Introduce yourself at the very beginning and introduce the topic of your live and what you’ll be talking about ⁠

✔️Provide valuable tips and tricks that your audience can implement immediately so you can prove that you have the solutions to their problems⁠

✔️Encourage users to engage in the comments by having them ask questions or drop an emoji! ⁠
⁠So there you have it – various ways to prepare for going live on Instagram. Now that you have these tips, do you think you are ready to give it a try?

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