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Why your social media isn’t attracting new clients?

Has your number of followers been slowly climbing and in turn, your stream of new clients is also slow? ⁣

Or, have you got lots of followers rolling in but they’re not actually buying from you?⁣

It can be SO frustrating when you spend valuable time creating content, engaging on the app but getting literally nothing in return…⁣

You were told: Create content and post every day, show up on stories, engagement is a two-way street – so this is what you’re doing but nothing seems to be working for you…⁣

Yet you see it “working” for everyone else…⁣

There could be many reasons why your social media isn’t attracting new clients into your business. ⁣

Your number of followers has *nothing* to do with how successful your business is.

You could have 1 million followers who could care less about what you’re doing, or 200 engaged, loyal fans who actually love what you do and who want to work with you.⁣

Some people say that 4-7% of people see your posts, but Instagram has denied all of this. It’s true that only a small number of your followers will actually see your posts because of the high volume of content that is pumped into Instagram every hour.

The goal at the end of the day is to, yes, grow your following, but to have a following that is *engaged* and listening to your every word.

So what can you begin to attract the right kind of followers/new clients into your business?⁣

✔️You need to be posting consistent content every single day with clear and focused messaging in order to be exposed to a larger audience.⁣

✔️Mix up your hashtags to expand your reach and tap into new markets.⁣

✔️Nurture your *current* followers and work to turn them into fans/paying customers.⁣

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