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When you are creating content for your social channels, it’s not ALL about the visuals. ⁠

Writing copy for your biz social media is about storytelling and capturing the attention of users who could be potential customers for you.

You want users to stop in their tracks and to actually READ what you have to say, resonate with it, engage with it, and take something away from it. ⁠

As you know, the Instagram algorithm favours engagement, so your captions MUST tell a story, be engaging, and spark a reaction in order to encourage this engagement.⁠ 📲⁠

So I broke it down for you into 3 easy steps that will help you write copy for your social media posts in order to grow your audience, attract clients and build an engaged community around your brand. ⁠⠀

☑️HEADLINE – tell us exactly what this post is about. For example, the headline (title or hook) should say NEW BLOG POST or GIVEAWAY or 5 Reasons why…so that it catches a user’s attention and draws them in!⁠⠀

☑️REVEAL YOURSELF – in order to develop meaningful and authentic relationships you’ve got to be REAL and be VULNERABLE. You do so by tying in your own story and your own struggles and your journey.⁠

☑️ADD VALUE – by the time someone has finished reading your post, you better have provided them with something they can learn or take away from reading your caption. Whether you’re sharing a tip, a trick or a fun fact, always be sure to provide value in some fashion!⁠

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