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3 Ways to Improve your Social Video Content⁠ ⁠

When it comes to marketing our brands, we all want to put ourselves out there and be seen as the go-to person in our industry and be known as a premium brand!⁠

No one wants to watch a dark, blurry video with poor audio quality that comes off as some amateur Blair Witch style video…we don’t want to scare off our customers! ⁠⠀
For your videos to really stand out online, they have to be high-quality, have clear messaging and be consistent.⠀

Here are 3 ways to improve your social video content starting TODAY!⁠⠀

✅Repurpose Live-Streams ⁠

When you go LIVE on Instagram or Facebook, the content creation doesn’t stop here! ⁠

Take that audio and put it into text form in a caption for a feed post, an email newsletter or a blog article to repurpose that content and get the most out of your hard work!⁠
✅Repurpose your Instagram Stories⁠⠀
People pay attention to Instagram Stories and you can provide so much value through this video channel. But as you know, Stories disappear after 24 hours so don’t let that precious video content go to waste! ⁠Again, turn the audio into a caption for a feed post or newsletter/blog!

✅Be Clear AF and Consistent in your Messaging⁠

Guys, I cannot stress this enough! Clarity and consistency are key – you might have the best of the best production quality and be hilarious, but if your messaging is confusing and you’re showing up sporadically on an inconsistent basis, you’re not going to sell a damn thing!⁠ ⠀

So show up on a regular basis with consistent messaging that provides value to your ideal client!

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