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Grow your Instagram following without cheating the system⁠

Looking to grow your Instagram following and tempted to take the easy route like buying followers or paying a bot to do engagement for you?⁠⠀⁣
My one piece of advice to you is: DON’T!⁠ 👎🏾⠀⁣
We can spot the fakeness a mile away – and trust me, it’s not a good look.⁠⠀⁣
Do you want 1 million fake followers who do nothing for your business and who totally put your engagement rate out of whack? ⁠⠀⁣
Or, do you want a real, engaged audience who cares about your brand and trusts your work?⁠ 👌🏾⠀⁣
Organically growing your following on Instagram takes time, and building an audience takes time. ⁠⠀⁣
My top 2 tips on growing your Instagram following organically:⁠⠀⁣
1️⃣Use audience preference to inform your content strategy – meaning create content that you *know* your audience loves to see from you! Keep an eye on your analytics and replicate the content that does well, and nix the content that underperforms. ⁠⠀⁣
2️⃣Switch up your hashtag strategy to gain traction – never use the same block of hashtags over and over again. Continually research new hashtags, test hashtags and engage with those hashtags to expand your reach into new markets! ⁠⠀⁣

‘Till next time!

Nargis xoxo

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