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What to do if business is slow and how to look busy online

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So, we’re officially one month into 2020 and your business isn’t picking up speed like you planned…⁣⁣
Yet, you see many others in your niche who appear to be killing it and owning 2020 like a boss…
This can be you too – I want this for you! ⁣⁣
There could be many reasons why you haven’t seen growth in your business or why it’s not moving forward the way you hoped it would. ⁣⁣
In order to keep momentum in your brand and business, you have to be strategic and plan ahead! ⁣⁣
Always remember: MOMENTUM = SALES! 💰 ⁣⁣
Here are a few things you can do if business is slow:⁣⁣
1️⃣Keep your content and messaging consistent⁣⁣
2️⃣Have a social selling system where you continually gain new clients from social media⁣⁣
3️⃣Look at the past few months to see what worked and what hasn’t worked – rinse and repeat what works!⁣⁣
4️⃣Check in with low-hanging fruit – follow-up with people who are ready to work with you to give them the boost they need to commit. ⁣⁣

Now go get it!

‘Till next time!

Nargis xoxo

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